Startup Campus Incubation Center provides various programs for sustainable growth of project teams and tenant companies. We have pleasant office environments at a state-of-the-art building blended with nature.
We provide differentiated education and networking opportunities with the focus on strengthening capabilities to overcome difficulties in the process of founding a company, such as planning, development, HR, investment, finance, public relations, and sales.
Training period
16 weeks
Full time training
OZ Innovation Lab
Innovation Lab
Innovation Lab
Tech & Mobility
Innovation Lab
Art & Contents
Innovation Lab
Innovation Lab
Polaris Coaching from professionals
Full time training for 16 weeks
No training costs
Practical training costs
for teams with an excellent project
Coaching from top professionals in their fields
Mentoring from Bumsoo Kim, chairman of Kakao and dean of Startup Campus
Tenant support and incubating service for course graduates with high scores
Opportunity to participate in joint projects based on networking