OZ Incubation Center provides major training courses of Startup Campus for the 2030 youth to find a job for life in the era of the 4th industrial era.

At OZ Incubation Center, we offer OZ Startup where participants find their own key words and learn to find out where their key words meet the society’s needs. We also offer OZ Innovation Lab where you can experiment solutions of various fields through projects and learn to maintain sustainability.
Office space and furniture
Professional coaching for accounting / taxation, finance, law, and marketing methodology
Public relations support on media and SNS, media education and consulting
Provide opportunities for information exchange and talent hunt
Investment attraction through events inviting individual venture capitalists and accelerators
Latest news at home and abroad Online and offline support
Space for training and nurturing start-ups through
public-private partnership
Startup Campus is a public-private partnership project aiming to nurture the talents for the 4th industrial revolution and the era of sharing economy and to innovate jobs for the youth, led by Gyeonggi-do Business and Science Accelerator and ARCON. ARCON is a non-profit organization in charge of managing Startup Campus. ARCON contributes to expanding values of education and cultural arts and to sustainable development of our society.