We are with the 2030 youth from the beginning of their journey to find a career.
Startup Campus is an integrated platform that nurtures talents
and create new jobs that will lead the new chapter of our society.
Imagine a situation where a soccer player has to unexpectedly play at a baseball stadium. Under the current education system of Korea focusing only on getting the right answers, it is difficult to develop the ability to adapt to changes or come up with solutions. With the changing game rules in our society, the youth need courage, wisdom, willingness, and experience in order to find a job for life. Startup Campus provides the environment and support best suitable for the youth to find a job they want that also meets the society’s needs through workshops, projects, PBL and so on.
Space for training and nurturing start-ups through
public-private partnership
Startup Campus is a public-private partnership project aiming to nurture the talents for the 4th industrial revolution and the era of sharing economy and to innovate jobs for the youth, led by Gyeonggi-do Business and Science Accelerator and ARCON. ARCON is a non-profit organization in charge of managing Startup Campus. ARCON contributes to expanding values of education and cultural arts and to sustainable development of our society.