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Personal Info.

성별  거주 지역
최종 학교전공


1. Briefly express yourself
2. Your Keyword or interest # (Min. 5)


1. What led you to apply for START UP CAMPUS ‘Global Lab’ Program? What do you want to achieve through this program? [ Max. 1800 characters (with spaces) ]
2. Why are you interested in Vietnam and Indonesia market? [ Max. 1800 characters (with spaces) ]
3. Do you have any start-up experience?   [ Max. 1800 characters (with spaces) ]
    - If yes, what kind of experience do you have? What did you gain and learn from that experience?
    - If no, what kind of start-up items do you have? Describe your ideas and reasons.
4. Describe impressive moments of your overseas experience (residency, study abroad, intern, foreign exchange, trip, etc.) [ Max. 1800 characters (with spaces) ]
   **If do not have any overseas experience, describe impressive moments that occurred with foreigners in Korea** 
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